Cloud security assessments

With the increasing popularity of remote work, companies are becoming ever reliant on cloud services. However, this transition goes hand in hand with an increased security risk. Our security assessments review the settings of your cloud environment to identify any vulnerabilities and provide recommendations for you to implement. Assessments provide the basis for secure cloud operations in your company.

Cloud security assessments for improved security

Digital transformation

For companies, the digital transformation goes hand in hand with new business processes and models, with added value driven by information. Somnitec utilises vast cross-sectoral expertise to help ensure your company’s success moving ahead. The digital transformation offers opportunities to gain a competitive edge with process optimisation and new business models.

Process optimisation with digital transformation

Service management as a service

With service management as a service, your company can handle both daily IT operations and custom IT projects. Our services secure and optimise the quality of your IT processes. Rely on 24/7 availability and performance with our competent management. High scalability facilitates flexible responses to changing requirements.

Service management as a service at a glance
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