Optimal protection for SMEs - effective and cost-efficient

Many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) face the challenge of protecting their IT infrastructure effectively and economically. The technical complexity that Microsoft's security sensors, for example, entail when security incidents occur presents some companies with unsolved challenges.

This is because maintaining the M365 Defender Suite and dealing professionally with the security incidents that occur there is essential, but many SMEs lack the human resources and skills to perform these tasks effectively. How can these incidents be interpreted correctly and responded to appropriately?

This is exactly where our Modern Security Operations Service comes in: We offer an integrated solution that makes optimal use of Microsoft's broad product range for SMEs – and at an extremely attractive and cost-effective price.

Our IT security services ensure the rapid identification and efficient resolution of threats and security incidents. We translate complex IT security data into concrete recommendations for action and thus ensure robust protection of your IT infrastructure.

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Maximize your cyber security

Your business deserves the best protection, and that means not only responding to attacks, but staying one step ahead of them. With Somnitec at your side, you not only benefit from first-class security solutions, but also from a partner who is continuously committed to your digital security and your success.

Excellent protection
Detect and react to activities not only on the client and server, but also on emails, documents, identities and cloud apps (XDR).

Relief for your IT team
By proactively monitoring and resolving IT security incidents, your team has more time for strategic projects.

Proactive damage limitation
Our fast response time to cyber security incidents minimizes potential damage.

Transparent insights
Receive monthly evaluations of past IT security incidents and gain clear insights into the current threat situation.

Better understanding
The monthly evaluation of past incidents makes it easier for you to understand the threat landscape in which you operate.

Constant updating
Our integrated security solutions are always up to date and grow with new functions.

One partner
With our adaptation to the "Modern Workplace" managed service, you don't need another IT provider.

Strong protection – Security event visibility – Relief & efficiency

Why you should choose our Modern Security Operations Service

How do you ensure the protection of your IT infrastructure in increasingly complex cyber landscapes?

Our Modern Security Operations Service offers first-class end-to-end protection that increases the effectiveness of your security center. With many years of experience in IT security, our team successfully identifies and responds to security incidents.

We also take the pressure off your IT teams by investigating and resolving security incidents immediately, freeing up valuable time for strategic projects. Our monthly reports create transparency about the current threat situation so you can continuously adapt your strategies.

With Somnitec, you have a partner that fits seamlessly into your IT infrastructure and offers you the best protection.


Talk to our
security service expert

Paolo Donnarumma
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"Endpoint-oriented detection alone is not enough. Increase your defense against new threats with our security services."

Adrian Martin
Security Operations Engineer Architecture & Security
Somnitec AG

Discover more benefits for your company

Focus on priorities
Sort and investigate prioritized incidents for prompt action.

Managed detection and response
Let us manage your Microsoft 365 Defender incident queue and response.

Prevent future attacks
Use our recommendations to strengthen your security measures.

Somnitec Security Services FAQs

How does the Modern Security Operations Service differ from conventional security services?

Our service uses modern and integrated IT security technologies and therefore offers greater visibility of security incidents in your IT landscape. Thanks to our many years of expertise with Microsoft security technologies, we can respond more adequately to security incidents and resolve them more quickly.

How do EDR tools respond to detected threats?

EDR tools focus on the autonomous detection and response of threats to endpoints. They can act autonomously to trigger protection responses in real time, even when they are offline.

What distinguishes XDR solutions from EDR tools?

Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solutions provide comprehensive protection by detecting and responding to activity beyond endpoints. While EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) tools primarily target endpoints, XDR solutions integrate additional data sources for a more comprehensive security picture.

How do XDR solutions help detect and respond to threats?

XDR (Extended Detection and Response) solutions collect and correlate data from various sources to detect anomalies. Thanks to their extended range, they can respond to threats faster and more efficiently than conventional tools.

How does Somnitec's service support my IT team?

Our service is designed to ease the burden on your IT team through our rapid response to security incidents and the diligent support and continuous refinement of the M365 Defender Suite. Microsoft products are constantly evolving and our team is always focused on maintaining the highest standards.

Why is an integrated approach like Modern Security Operations Service important?

An integrated approach makes it possible to view threats holistically. By combining different IT security solutions, modern attack methods can be tracked across several products and responded to appropriately (attack chain).

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