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Are you looking for a cost-effective and fully managed IT solution for up to 20 workstations? Then you've come to the right place!

With flexIT, we offer a customized and budget-friendly IT infrastructure especially for start-ups and SMEs.  

Forget worrying about setting up and maintaining your IT infrastructure - we'll do it for you! As your personal contact and single point of contact, we take care of all your IT needs. Our comprehensive flexIT package covers all the important aspects of an IT solution for small and medium-sized companies.

With flexIT, you save valuable time and resources. Instead of worrying about technical details, you can concentrate fully on your core business. flexIT offers smooth collaboration and effective communication within your company. No matter where you and your employees work from - we ensure IT security.

Take your company to the next level with flexIT!

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Workstations ready for immediate use
With flexIT you can work productively without delay.

Easy onboarding
Get started with our service at any time. We seamlessly integrate your existing devices and applications.

Flexible working options
With flexIT, you can stay connected wherever you are and work regardless of your location.

Comprehensive security features
Our flexIT solution offers a secure and reliable IT infrastructure. Your company data is protected against cyber attacks and data loss.

Secure data management
We take care of important aspects such as updates and backups so that you don't have to worry about the security of your data.

All-round service
Our IT Support not only takes care of setting up your workstations, but also provides ongoing support for your IT infrastructure.

Transparent & calculable costs
The costs for flexIT are transparent and predictable. You pay a one-off fee for the hardware and software and a fixed monthly price for support, giving you a clear cost structure.

Good reasons for flexIT with Somnitec

Is a customized IT infrastructure too cost-intensive for you? Do you often lack a contact person who can take care of all your IT needs?

flexIT covers the most important requirements for IT solutions for SMEs.

With our dynamic flexIT solutions, we not only offer you hardware and individual accessories, but also the desired additional software, data migration, delivery and the installation of your computers in the office. You also receive suitable license packages to perfectly complement your IT infrastructure solution.

We are your IT support provider for all IT issues and offer you transparent and calculable prices. With our complete package and our specialized IT security for SMEs, you can get started right away and concentrate on your core business

Talk to our
modern workplace expert

Yves Dombrowsky
Yves Dombrowsky Call contact person E-Mail contact person

As a recognized Microsoft Solutions Partner and Intelligent Devices Gold Partner of Lenovo, we consistently focus on the highest quality.

FAQs about flexIT

What benefits does flexIT offer?

With flexIT - the IT solution for small businesses - you cover all aspects of your IT and receive a comprehensive complete package as well as suitable IT consulting for SMEs. This not only saves you time and effort, but also gives you the certainty that your IT is in good hands.

-  Time saving: Instead of having to worry about setting up and maintaining your IT infrastructure
    we take care of this part for you.
-  Personal support: With flexIT, you always have a personal contact person,
    who takes care of the smooth operation of your IT infrastructure.
-  Increased efficiency: With modern tools and technologies, we enable you to
    smooth collaboration, effective communication and improved productivity
    and satisfied employees.

Our IT solution for SMEs is specially tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Which important components does flexIT cover?

At flexIT, we take care of all the important components to optimally support your IT infrastructure. Here are some of the areas covered by our service:


-  Microsoft 365 licenses for comprehensive productivity
-  Backup licenses for backing up your important data
-  Client System Management licenses for efficient management of your systems
-  Device protection to protect your devices from threats

Client Management:

-  Proactive monitoring of systems to detect and resolve problems at an early stage
    resolve them
-  User and device security through measures such as multi-factor authentication,
    encryption and account protection
-  Check the physical condition of the device to ensure optimal performance

External backup:
-  Dedicated recovery of individual files and folders in the event of data loss
-  Disaster recovery to protect your business from the effects of a major disaster
    data loss

System Management:

-  Distribution of security updates to ensure your systems are always up to date
-  Maintenance of systems and standard software to ensure smooth and efficient use
    to ensure smooth and efficient use
-  Proactive protection against targeted threats to protect your IT infrastructure from
    cyber attacks


-  Standardized Windows image for fast and smooth setup of new workstations.
-  Pre-installed catalog software for optimal productivity
-  Storage of your company branding for individual customization    
-  Lightning-fast first user login so that your employees are ready to work immediately

With flexIT, you get a comprehensive IT solution that covers all these important components and provides you with a secure, efficient and scalable IT infrastructure. Contact us now to find out more and discuss your individual requirements.

What does the Business package include?

The business package per month and user includes:

-  Microsoft 365 Business Premium for comprehensive productivity
-  Client System Management for efficient administration of your systems
-  Proactive monitoring of systems for early problem detection
-  Protection of your identity through measures such as multi-factor authentication
-  External independent backup for emails and data to secure your important data
-  Guaranteed Rental device in the event of failure or defect to ensure the continuity
    of your business operations
-  3 months notice period for flexibility in case of contract changes
-  Professional service to help you implement and use our IT solutions

The Business package provides you with a solid foundation for an efficient IT infrastructure with comprehensive functions. Our IT Support Service Desk takes care of your concerns personally.

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