1. These webpages contain general information on Somnitec, its products and services along with information of a financial nature. While Somnitec makes every effort for provide accurate and complete information, names, graphical representations, photos, logos, documents and materials (hereinafter referred to as ‘Content’), Somnitec does not warrant the accuracy, completeness, topicality, legality and advisability or timely provision of the content published on the website, or its suitability for any particular purpose. Certain products or services mentioned on this website may not be available in your country, or may have long delivery times. This form of reference does not indicate that Somnitec intends to sell the respective products and services in your country. Content published on this website constitutes neither binding offers nor instructions on how to use Somnitec products or services. Somnitec also offers no warranties on this website, in particular no warranty with regard to commercial quality, short deliverability or the suitability of Somnitec products and services for certain purposes. All content published or referred to on this website only offers general information. Please contact Somnitec directly to receive specific advice in relation to our products and services along with financial information.
  2. Somnitec has taken great care to publish correct and topical content on its website. However, we do not assume any liability, either expressly or implicitly, that the content published or referred to on these pages is correct or complete. Somnitec and, where applicable, its subsidiaries and affiliates (including FERNAO Networks Holding companies), hereby exclude any liability for direct or indirect, current or subsequent damages that arise from the use of this content, including damages arising from disproportionate, fruitless or disadvantageous investments or expenditure.
  3. These pages also contain third-party content and links to other sites. Somnitec does not assume any liability for this form of third-party information. Furthermore, Somnitec does not have any knowledge of information published on other sites and consequently does not assume any liability for this content.
  4. All content published on these pages is copyright protected or otherwise protected to the permissible extent; therefore, the use for any purpose beyond visiting our website is only permitted with prior written authorisation from Somnitec. ‘Somnitec’ as well as all names of products and services are the industrial property of Somnitec or third parties. If you send information to Somnitec, Somnitec reserves the right to freely use this information while ensuring data protection.
  5. Somnitec is likewise entitled to modify or delete content published on these pages in any manner, at any time, on any grounds and without prior announcement. Somnitec cannot be held liable for the potential implications of the aforementioned modifications or deletions.
  6. Furthermore, Somnitec does not assume any liability for timely, seamless and uninterrupted access to its website. Similarly, Somnitec cannot be held responsible and does not assume any liability for damage caused by viruses capable of infecting computer equipment or other property when a user visits and uses our website, or if a download of certain materials, data, text, images, video or audio is launched on this website.
  7. Our Privacy Notice (published on constitutes an integral component of these Terms of Service and is likewise deemed to be accepted when a user visits the Somnitec website.
  8. These Terms of Service are subject to the laws of the Swiss Confederation and must be worded, implemented and adhered to in accordance with Swiss law with regard to substantive matters. The courts situated in Gerlafingen (Switzerland) provide the legal venue for all disputes arising from or in relation to these Terms of Service.
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